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About Us

  We understand in business, time means everything. It’s what separates success from failure, and satisfaction from stress .   

 At Vite Express Delivery Service, we make every second count. Specializing in time-critical deliveries, we’re passionate about beating the clock and helping businesses prosper in the marketplace.  

By utilizing the most advanced technology and industry practices. It is our privilege to exceed your expectations with fast, reliable service.


Delivery Services


 Around a quarter of American households currently buy some groceries online, up from 19 percent in 2014, and more than 70 percent will engage with online food shopping within 10 years, according to "The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper" report. It also found that of those who will buy digitally, 60 percent expect to spend about a quarter of their food dollars online in 10 years. 

 Taking it one step further, a partnership with Vite Express Delivery Service allows your customers to have their groceries delivered directly to their homes.


Crowdsourcing and same-day delivery services will play a large role in changing how pharmacists get medications to patients in the near future. 

These services may trump the convenience of mail-order delivery.​ 

 This service has potential use for caregivers who would like someone to bring the patient's medications directly to the home, rather than having to drag the patient with them to the pharmacy, or leaving the patient at home alone. 

 By using our rapid same day delivery service you will save your customers time, while making it convenient for them to obtain their prescriptions, over the counter medications, and other ancillary items delivered to their home or workplace with minutes of being processed; with the exception of schedule I, II, III, IV, and IV drugs. 

Courier Service and Small Packages

 We are in a fast moving world!  With mobile phones that are now equipped with super-fast processors which make browsing the internet on the go a regular occurrence.  This trend is spreading across all works of human endeavor and has led to increasing level of customer expectations.  The need for businesses to create a competitive advantage and meet customer expectations has now led to the increasing demand for same-day delivery service. 

And when it comes to convenience, 86% of shoppers want fast delivery and 83% say they now expect a guaranteed delivery date. A further 80% go on to say they also expected a dedicated time slot to be given. 

 A survey carried out by E-consultancy revealed that about 50% of respondents had abandoned an online purchase due to an unsatisfactory delivery option. At Vite Express Delivery Service, we would like the opportunity to  exceed your customers' expectations with our same day service.​  With the exception of firearms, explosives, flammable, and hazard materials.  

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The moment you place your order, you can track your deliveries as they moves through the process. Need an update ? With your Vite Express Delivery Service account, you’ll have real-time status reports up to the minute! 

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 Open an Vite Express Delivery Service account to easily track all of your packages. Other benefits include:

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To learn more about our customer portal system, fill out our online form or call Vite Express Delivery Service Same Day Delivery at 888-246-5072 today. 


Our Team

Our Culture

 With modest beginnings and a tradition of adding value to our customers, Vite is committed to becoming the nation’s 1st Choice in professional home delivery. We are looking for passionate, service-oriented team members, and independent drivers, who are willing to commit themselves to delivering  the results that help drive our business. 


  At Vite Express Delivery Service, our culture is team driven, positive and results-oriented. That share Our Promise to delight our customers through our common set of Values of Integrity, Passion, Relationships, Responsibility, Dignity,  Respect and Quality.  We foster a family environment that promotes a positive attitude, collaboration, openness to change, and drive for results.  

 If you share in our Promise and Values and are relentless about solutions; if you’re energized, hard-working and looking for a service organization that is strongly committed to success, then Vite Express Delivery Service! is where you need to be.​ 

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